Each Season

May 18, 2012

Each season brings its own set of circumstances. Spring. If you asked me in the wintertime what I remember from spring last year I would say… pretty much nothing. It must have been great.
Now that I am experiencing spring again I remember last year much more vividly. Because the same qualities are showing up again. I rearrange the house in the springtime. I remove the rugs and push the furniture to the edges. In the springtime the front door stays open and Bello leaves, without farewell, and wanders the neighborhood eating god-knows-what and worrying me to the bone. Spring causes the rhododendrons to bloom bright pink and in the process drop sticky little pods that get tracked into the house and show up in the most intimate places, i.e. on my pillow. Long-bodied black flies start showing up on the windows. They don’t have mouths and are only in fly form to mate. They are very slow (low blood-sugar) and easy to kill. I kill many. And the list goes on… to include river days and garden beds and no socks! But the flies are what I am thinking about today.


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