Whisper It To Me

July 14, 2012

It’s funny how taking ownership of your life is a similar feeling to being in total free fall. At least for me.

This fall I am going to present a Filly Foundations Collection. These will be your favorite pieces of the past re-made in new fabrics and new colors and available in all sizes year-round. This will be a permanent collection- it will never run out. This is what will allow you to wear the shit out of your Adventure Pants. You can always get another.

So…What are your favorite pieces of all time? Tell me, for real.


26 Responses to “Whisper It To Me”

  1. Holly akiyoshi said

    THOSE blue pants. Remember the ones we both wore out to death. You were thinking about making them with a zipper I think…

  2. Kat said

    Oh, it’s a long list. Some are favorites I’m worried I’ll wear out, some are those I never had a chance to try on but am sure would suit me.

    Jump Dress
    Croquet Skirt
    Mockingbird Dress
    Blackmail Dress (my first Filly and reigning favorite)
    James Dress
    Wonderful Dress
    Adventure Pants
    Flirting Dress
    Field Dress
    Quilt Dress
    Safi Skirt

    I love that you’re doing this, I think it’s a brilliant idea.

  3. nei said

    I beg you to make more of the Quarter Pant! I don’t own them, since by the time I found Filly you only had extra small left. I’ve stared at them longingly, wishing I were smaller! Just the perfect pant. Also the Estate Dress, my favorite dress, and the Weekend Blouse, which I’m on my way to wearing out. And lastly the Country Suit, which feels so signature! Elegant plus utilitarian, the perfect combination.

  4. miss james said

    the lovely harem-esque pants that i have in two colors (you gifted me the grey ones for my birthday one year). you remember the brown ones? the ones that you had to repair because my booty kept ripping at the waistband?

    yup, those. i still wear both faithfully. and every time i do, people ask who made them and i get a little gushy and whispery when i tell them about your clothes.

    yup, those.

  5. Alyssa said

    Pretty sure I would wear the canvas skirt with cotton knit(?) waist and pockets everyday if I could. I would buy another in a minute!

  6. Alyssa said

    The canvas skirt with the knit pockets and waist band…I could use another 10 of those.

  7. Leila said

    James Dress(duh) Spark dress, Underground dress, Medina dress, Ticket trousers. This is a fantastic idea Em.

  8. amanda said

    The Wonderful Dress, fall 09… such a dream.

    and brilliant idea!

  9. amanda said

    Oh geeze, while we’re talking about it, The Mimsy Tunic too! I really like this one, and always wish I had one in a size bigger.

  10. emily said

    The Blue Moon Tunic or Be Good Tunic
    The Perfect Dress
    Wonderful Dress
    Mimsy Tunic
    Flirting Dress
    Dress Del Mar

  11. Sara said

    Catch Dress and Field Dress (in that beautiful berry color!)

  12. Sara said

    …and anything from Fall 2010 for that matter

  13. Adventure pants! I want to wear the shit out of mine, but I’m currently too scared, as they are the BEST PANTS EVER.

  14. And, Blackmail dress &
    5 pin pants

  15. G Charlotte said

    salt blouse, no question, and medina dress, too

  16. Christine said

    underground dress
    underground dress
    underground dress

  17. sara said

    Oh no! Is it too late to give feedback? I wear the heck out of my Be Good Tunic and Umbrella Tunic. I also think that the Blackmail Dress and the Grown Up dress are two of the most perfect dresses ever made. I’m also always supremely jealous of Stacey’s Dayshore Top (which I know she also loves like crazy and always gets tons of compliments on and would buy a dozen more if she could) and her 5-Pin Pants. Yay! I’m excited!

  18. stacey said

    for whatever reason, this shirt http://fillydesigns.com/collections/08_fall/index.html wasn’t popular with shops, but whenever i wear it i get a bazillion compliments. i have warn it so it has all kinds of holes. i really want another. (i am pretty sure that is the right top. i have it in black and white.)

  19. stacey said

    oops, “worn” sorry.

  20. Michelle said

    I have to chime in here as I would be overjoyed to get my hands on more of the following seeing as I wear them nonstop:

    Feather dress (All time favorite), Honey dress, Amina dress (Ok I admit, I love this whole collection and if they came in darker colors that could wear with tights and sweaters, I would feel as if I had died and gone to heaven)

    Field dress

    Beginning dress (second all time favorite)

    Good idea Em!

  21. Michelle said

    Oh! and I forgot the Quilt dress and the Rye pullover (I dont own one and I want one!)

  22. colleen said

    Greta Pants from the Fall 08 collection. Still own them and love, love them to death!

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