Bello Died

August 22, 2012

Bello died yesterday.


16 Responses to “Bello Died”

  1. Sarahbeth said

    Oh. Emily. My heart goes out to you. I’ll light a candle to his spirit.

  2. Rebecca said

    Emily – You don’t know me and yet, I know something about you, having followed your blog for several years. The subject line flashed across my screen and I just broke down. This just breaks my heart. Everyone should be so fortunate to have a Bello to love and be loved by. Thank you for sharing him with us for all these years.

  3. ruth said

    Oh, Emily. What a huge loss for you and for all of us who have had the pleasure of experiencing the two of you together. I’ll miss my old housemate, Bello.

  4. erica said

    oh. i have no words. thanks for sharing bello with us.

  5. Barbara said

    Oh Em. I know how much you loved Bello and what an important part of your life he became. You were so good with him; his love showed when he looked up to you with those pretty eyes. Love to you on this sad day.

  6. jennifer said

    oh i am so sorry. the earth has lost a great one.

  7. Mahala (Hallie) said

    Emily, Bello was a cool dog who knew you loved him and boy he loved you. Big hug to you…kisses… Love, Hallie

  8. Holly Akiyoshi said

    So sorry Em. We love you.

  9. jessie said

    The temple bell stops but the sound comes out of the flowers.
    Wise words from Basho that have helped me navigate change.

    love and kisses from Pleasure Point.

  10. Sarah said

    Emily, I am so so sorry about losing Bello! I am not a big commenter but I read all of your words and know how much Bello meant to you. Thinking about you both today.

  11. jenny day said

    I am so sorry Emily. Much sympathy and care to you.

  12. We are all born an angel with one wing, it is when we come together that we can fly. Thinking of you.

  13. Heather said

    Girl, I am so sorry yet so glad for you that you loved your creature like you did.

    • You know, that is something to be glad about. I hadn’t thought of it that way. Thank you for that perspective. I’m coming around… slowly seeing that the sadness is because I want more of him, but there is happiness to be found too. He lived a long and rich life and he died quickly and without much pain. I am so grateful for that.

  14. Kendra said

    sending love and healing. I follow your blog, you don’t know me, but I feel the shiver of loss through empathy for you. thank you for sharing your experience of life with us all. I relate so much with what you right about your process.totally inspired.kendra

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