FOF, the beat goes on

August 31, 2012

I sent out this email. I’m sending it to you too.

“Hi everyone. As many of you already know, my precious dog Bello died last week. He was twelve and passed suddenly, but seemingly peacefully. By all accounts his life was full and long. But I am still sad. And so I have come to Santa Cruz, to cry and swim and eat figs. I’m feeling a little better each day.
I am also in Santa Cruz to oversee production of the Filly Foundation Collection- a permanent collection of your all time favorites. Pretty exciting. And of course I can’t come into town without bringing enough backstock for a Friends of Filly gathering. It is not as much as you are used to… my mind was elsewhere when I packed for this trip. But there is enough. And so lets gather. And celebrate relationships.

FOF #1 – Santa Cruz
Jessie Hess’ House
Sunday, September 2nd 12-3pm
3040 Santa Fe Court
Santa Cruz

FOF #2 – San Francisco
Kate Lorch’s House
We were thinking of doing a clothing swap and trunk show with a potluck (if you care. if not, don’t stress it)
One room will be Filly stuff for sale, and the other will be clothes to trade from our own closets.
Friday, September 7th 6:30- 9:30pm
800 Duboce Ave apt 301
Cross Street Divisidero
Ring to get buzzed up
San Francisco

FOF #3 – Berkeley
Lee’s House
1115 Arch Street
Sunday, September 9th 12-3pm

FOF #4 – Santa Cruz
Sunday, September 16th 4-7pm
Allison’s House
129 Miles Street
Santa Cruz

FOF #5 – Santa Cruz
Sunday, September 23rd 12-3pm
301 Berkeley Way
Santa Cruz

October will see additional FOF in the Northwest (Bellingham, Seattle, Portland)

Much love,


One Response to “FOF, the beat goes on”

  1. Blorgie said

    I am so sorry that you have lost your dear friend. I hope you will gently pass through that profound sadness guided by friends near and far.
    Lovely Bello you are remembered on these pages.
    Blorgie Xx

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