No Rules

September 22, 2012

This is not a normal business. It is a friendship.

I was contacted by Shay on Wednesday evening. We’ve met at previous Friends of Filly gatherings and I like her a lot.
She was attending a wedding this weekend and was hoping to come over and pick out a special dress. I love it when I receive a request for a private appointment and savor the chance to meet one on one with a “customer”, talk about her life and clothing needs, and help her find just the right thing. Unfortunately, in this case, I was not in town to welcome her in. I am in California. In most cases this would be the end of the story. But oh no. I really wanted her to look and feel good at the wedding and so I asked my friend Kenya for a favor. I knew Kenya would be at my house working on converting the garage into a studio. I asked her to go into my storage and pull out a couple of dress options. When Shay came over later that day the dresses were waiting for her in the mailbox on the porch. I encouraged Shay to go around the side of the house and in through the backdoor to try everything on. I love the image of her alone in the house with her selections.
Obviously it all worked out perfectly. Look at her! I feel so proud to be able to offer an unusual dress in an unusual way. Here’s to being different.


3 Responses to “No Rules”

  1. erica said

    wow. it looks gorgeous on her.

  2. jessie said

    Two things come to mind about this post. The first being your post months ago regarding authenticity and the industry. It seems you will continue attracting what you put out- an opportunity to know where/what/how/why ones clothes are being made. Truly authentic.

    The 2nd thing I noticed was the finger knitted ( at least that is what we call it ) belt that the young girl is sporting. Olive was sporting a similar belt around this weekend and insisted it looked great on me as well!

    Thank you for the sweet story and lovely family photo.


  3. Silver said

    I just love this – and she looks so completely gorgeous.

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