Oh Yes I Did

November 25, 2012

After a month and a half of anecdotal research and weekly trips to the Oregon Humane Society, I found him. His name is Slacks. He’s 5 months old.

He is comfortable in his body and not scared and kind. Really kind. He presses his little nose firmly into my lips, against my eye. He stares. His voice is raspy. He rides on my shoulders and in a papoose.

We danced together last night, alone in the cabin with the bluegrass marathon on KBOO. I held him on his back like a baby, swinging him along to the music. He purred so hard he couldn’t keep his eyes open.
This morning he crossed everything off my to-do list and wrote “hold me” instead.
For you, anything.


3 Responses to “Oh Yes I Did”

  1. Mary Grace said

    Yay Slacks! You’ve got a great home. So glad you have him Emily. He’s adorable. Soooo cute. -And LOVE those ears! Love more that you just rescued a kc from the shelter!!!!

  2. yayyyy! so glad you got a kitty! and he looks like a most remarkable specimen – i have a bit of a crush without ever having met him! congratulations!

    (your fan from seattle who absolutely adored bello)

  3. Aw! This makes me so happy! (I write this with my own baby curled up like a little comma on my knees!)

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