Parachute Packages

January 11, 2013

Picture 4

I am in the studio, NPR is talking on and on and on. My hands work confidently but slowly around the waistband of a pair of black linen slacks. I am making a suit, Kelly McGillis style. Wear it with a white t-shirt.

So, anyway, I actually called to ask you a question…
What if Friends of Filly happened, all over the states, without me being there? What if you sign up to be a host, you receive a box of Filly pieces in the mail, you invite your friends and have a party and choose a Filly item for your trouble? You could give me an idea of what styles you and your friends like so I could tailor the boxes to your community. I would pay for shipping.
I guess there’s a chance I could lose money. And that would be a blow. But maybe not. And the chance that it could be really great are pretty high…
And of course there’s the issue of trust… I would be sending you a box worth up to $3000 knowing that you would keep it safe and sound. I can do that, you can too.

Smiling from ear to ear. What about you? Thoughts? Cautions? Signing up?


23 Responses to “Parachute Packages”

  1. Kat said

    I’m in! There’d be some details to work out (shipping costs, insurance, etc.) but I think this is an exciting idea and I love to host!

  2. Carrie said

    I’m in
    I was just thinking this exact thing yesterday

  3. Whitney said

    I would love to do this! Please let me know if you need another host!!!

  4. amanda said

    I am going to talk to my women friends around here, see if there is any interest. Exciting idea. I like the idea of little pockets of women communities all over, gathering, laughing, eating, drinking, trying on your beauties.

    • I’m going to get a big calender- the kind that take up most of the wall space – so that I can arrange the year with a host for each month. When you know if there’s interest, tell me your preferred month. I love the image of gatherings with a ghostly image of me in the room. Like a clothes fairy.

  5. robin said

    I once worked for a boutique that did a similar thing. To reduce the risk, we charged the customer for the shipping, this insured a valid credit card. Then, the customer had a set date to return any unwanted items by, and if the box never came back, we would charge them, and that never happened. I think this is a great way to filter out someone that is trying to rip you off. Good luck!

  6. sara said

    when, oh when, will you host one in good old Portland?!

  7. Charlie O. said

    I would love to host! Send me more details when you flesh it all out πŸ˜€

  8. emily said

    I would looooooove to do this, in Seattle! A few things to help you remember me, in case you’ve forgotten: I used to be your sort-of-neighbor in Portland (it’s my aunt and uncle who have the Pickathon Farm), and now I’m living in Seattle studying nurse-midwifery. Let me know if you work out the details and would like to have me host!!

  9. Jenny Day said

    I would be interested although maybe a smaller package size. πŸ™‚

  10. venessazadeh said

    Let me know if you have one in Portland. I would love to attend one or I can host as well.

  11. This sounds lovely! Los Angeles needs a Filly soiree.

  12. Sara said

    Ooh! I’d love to do this! Though it’s always fun when you’re there too! Nonetheless, I love Filly and would wear Filly every day if I could, so I’m all about supporting and promoting you!

  13. Mischa said

    I would love to do this! Great idea! Everyone is always asking where to get your pieces. Especially the fleece skirts from a few years ago!

  14. Candace said

    I would love to host a filly show. This idea is very much like CAbi clothing where the clothing is only sold at home shows. It works, people love to gather, drink wine and buy beautiful clothing.

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