All Together Now

February 11, 2013

Picture 5

I have been visiting. Just for a couple of days. I am here to celebrate my Grandma’s 90th birthday and bask in the warmth of my family and friends. This trip to Santa Cruz feels like a vitamin C tablet, peach colored and sweet, melting in my mouth.
But starting in May I will live in Santa Cruz- for half of the year. The plan is to wave goodbye to Portland on January 1st and head south where Spring starts early. I will return to the Northwest in the summer when the weather is right and the berries ripe.

Oh my god this is happening!!!
Sorry, I stepped out of the narrator role for a sec. I just can’t believe this plan is coming together considering that it has been a fantasy of mine since… I was old enough to scheme. The Riverside property, located a block from the river and downtown and just around the bend from the sparkling ocean, has been in the family for decades. It is a multiple unit rental that until recently my grandma owned with a business associate. My Dad and Bonnie are now the proud owners of the other half. It is now possible for me to get in there and have my way with the place.
After I wash the walls with bleach and pull up the carpet, I will plant a little orchard and raise zinnias. In Santa Cruz you have to wear a visor in February.


2 Responses to “All Together Now”

  1. amanda said

    Hi Emily.
    I just emailed you a random question, check it out. Congrats on a dreamy life!

  2. jessie said

    Sunny Santa Cruz welcomes you! I know all too well the gravitational effect S.C. has on those born here. What a great solution- being here but not here!

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