Parachute into April

April 11, 2013

Parachute Package Image copy

Fall into a home, a hug, a handful of wonderful like-minded souls. Take a chance and stop in at one of the Parachute Parties happening this month!

Annie’s House
1601 E. Street
Bellingham, WA

Kat’s House
6708 Division Ave. NW
Seattle, WA
(this is also a homemade canned goods exchange! Bring what you got, take home what ya did not)

Emily’s House
1818 East Fir Street
Seatle, WA
6pm- 9pm

Let me know if you want to host! You will receive two BIG BOXES of Filly clothes, invite your friends, try it all on, keep a Filly piece for your efforts. You will have a week between getting the boxes and sending them on their way. Simply drop the boxes off at FEDEX. I pay for shipping. Currently I am looking for hosts on the West Coast. In July I will be looking at the East Coast. Sign up by emailing me at


3 Responses to “Parachute into April”

  1. kat said

    Slight revision, my address is:

    Kats house
    6708 Division Ave. NW
    Seattle, WA 98117

    Seattle can be a hard place to navigate, thought I’d try to make it easier! Thanks!

  2. Carrie said

    I’m out of town working
    But would love to host when I get back
    Perhaps August

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