Day Labor

May 11, 2013

I hit the Farmer’s Market while I was still presentable, bought fifteen pounds of Fava Beans, and then headed over to Riverside. Another day on site. Seagulls circled high overhead, their speech tamed by the distance. My speech tamed as well, buried deep inside a ventilated mask. I didn’t even bother or notice to take it off when visitors came by. But considering the number of visitors the mask served as social gate-keeper, limiting conversation and allowing me to keep working. Plus I looked serious.
Tackled the mold in the front stucco.
Heaven be praised it turns out the previous tenant was either growing weed or just sweating profusely because the mold is simply topical and not a result of poor drainage or a high water table. I almost passed out from the bleach fumes but after scrubbing for half a day the room is white again.



3 Responses to “Day Labor”

  1. amanda said

    these last few posts remind me of your ‘about filly’….
    “A bit of flirtation combined with carpenter’s smudge and carnival flare. Crafty. Rough and tumble. Fundamental.”

    way to live it!

  2. allison said

    I’ve done quite a few rIenovation with my folks and I con honestly say I’ve never seen ,old like that! the previous tenants must have been growing dope…must feel good whn you’ve got it all scrubbed 🙂


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