May 31, 2013

Word from on high is to rest until Monday. Gramma’s orders. I’m trying. No twelve hour painting marathons. But I did go pick up cedar and redwood planks from Scotts Valley. An acquaintance from high school saw my Needs post and wrote that her dad just replaced his fence and I was welcome to the old boards. God I love old boards. Have I already mentioned that?

And now it’s 2:30 and the sun is in full bloom. It’s bright on the patio. I don’t want to be done with lunch. But the post-meal cup of coffee sitting by my right foot tells me my time is almost up. Break’s over missy.

I have been drinking coffee with coconut milk. It’s oily but delicious.

What’s on the agenda? This, a Friday. This, a supposed day of rest. This day, half over and quiet.



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