Work Addict

November 27, 2013

I was going to come to Portland and try on a fancy lady character. I would have clean nails and silky hair and wear a button up shirt unbuttoned half way. I turned from Santa Cruz fully burnt out on building. And then two weeks ago I couldn’t stop myself from peeling back a corner of the kitchen linoleum. By the end of the night I had officially started refinishing the kitchen floor and replacing the countertop all in time to host twenty people for Thanksgiving.
If I weren’t myself I’d think I’m crazy.



November 13, 2013

I made a list. It attempts to answer the question “ok, what do I do?” Whatever it is, I want to be sure to do it.

What do I do? In Santa Cruz it was obvious. I was there to make the Riverside property something to be proud of. That meant a lot of physical labor and a lot of driving Kevin here and there fetching materials so that others could labor. Out small collective muscled our way through it.

Now I am back in Portland. I don’t have silent partners helping to finance this house’s much needed repairs. It is a single parent kid, big for her age wearing tattered clothes she outgrew years ago. I feel singularly responsible and singularly overwhelmed. Ok, so that’s something I do here… I write it on the list- House. House. I go over it again to make sure I really get it.

Next up… Designing. I write Filly on the page. I feel good about this one. There is always a lot to work but it’s work I know and understand and feel satisfied by.
I am also designing two additional projects which I am not at liberty to write about yet. They go on the list as incubatorial thoughts. New and fun and harmless and indulgent. I write “make stuff” under the header. Cool, I will.

I teach again in January at OCAC. The class is about meeting your creative self and designing a collection. It’s part fashion, part therapy and it’s awesome. I write OCAC on the page. I also write “keep it in mind” which means I will never be able to cross this one off the list.

And lastly, there’s me. My body, my social needs, my temperamental mind. I’m sick. And it sucks. I feel unattractive, for every good reason, and frustrated at not being able to hike or swim or go dancing. I hover over a hot tea jar and provide dating advice to those in need. I’ve been wearing the same outfit for four days. All black.
I write on the list- Body/Mind/Sprit. Because I do this too. And I treasure this entry because it makes everything above not only possible but more enjoyable.

The list is complete, my tea jar needs to be refilled, it’s time to do the work. Goodbye for now.


Open House, Open Arms

November 11, 2013

You know what? You should come over sometime. Let me warm the house for your arrival. Let me fuss over you and make you tea and select a stack of curated Filly garments that best suit you and your life. Private appointments now available at my home studio in beautiful Northeast Portland.


Just About Perfect

November 8, 2013

It’s a grey day, let me establish that right off the bat. Still, a hot toddy at 3:30 is unusual for me at any hour let alone the middle of the day. The cafe has vintage Tom Petty playing- Here Comes My Girl, sigh. I’ve got the beginnings of a collection before me. Heat, either from the whiskey, the Petty or the color cards and remedial sketches has my cheeks flushed. My heart has a crush on this moment.


Hello Again

November 8, 2013

Hello again old friend. I can now call you that because I have left and returned and you are still here. So now you have become a steady, with your muted cloud and industrious neighbors and ramshackle house holding five lives. You are Portland. A town made big, a place to live as good as any other. Here I am, doing just that. Just living.


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