Change of Plans

April 10, 2014


Its interesting to see what happens when you lay your plans out in the sun to dry. I have been working on clothing for 8 year olds for the last five months and felt very secure in the decision to make expensive avant garde subtly beautiful parent-selected garments for this age bracket. A couple of days ago I asked, via social media, for an 8 year old fit model. The second I sent this request I knew I was mistaken. I was fundamentally off. 8 year olds go to school. They are big. They are opinionated. They dress their own damn selves. And what they choose to wear is not generally what I am making. The fit, the feel, the mobility, the softness… yeah sure, that’s cool. But those elements are quickly losing ground to aesthetic concerns. 8 year olds are already a little bit adult. They are already exchanging comfort for cool. Just like the rest of us big people. They want bright colors and trendy graphics. I get it. I would too. I would rock all the fresh angles. I would look down my nose at my out of step parents. I would not want to wear some watery colored matching set with sophisticated proportions and nuanced prints. I’m not in a Norweigen conference retreat for the gifted! I am a 2nd grader at B-40 elementary and I want to wear bright purple!
Whoa. You get the point. And if you haven’t, because I was yelling, the point is I should make clothing for a younger, less empowered age. Kidding. Kinda. I should make clothing for an age that still puts on whatever their parents hand them and rejoices in the fit, the feel, the mobility and the softness in their last years before growing up. I’m thinking 3-6 year olds.
6 year old fit model needed!


7 Responses to “Change of Plans”

  1. Kylie said

    This is so funny, and I hate to tell you this, but I think you’ll find most six year olds these days are rather opinionated too 😉

  2. Devon said

    Oh it’s fun to have you back. Lots to read and recognize. You asked about having Z do fittings for you, and I’m sure she’d think it was interesting, but … how do I say that 6 is the new 8? My girl likes the black New Balances with the neon pink soles. She dreams of them, spied and tried at the resale store, night after night until they are hers. She wears her favorite red cords still, though they are size four and the slight flare hits above the ankle. She likes them especially paired with a long pink turtleneck. What can I say? It is awesome. It is way, way beyond her wearing something I hand her. That said, a lot of it is about the feel. She is texture and fabric sensitive and will be right there with you on that level. She loves when things are part of a set, because they ‘came together’ – a magic thing for a child dressed exclusively in hand-me-downs. She will be in your thrall as we all are, I expect. But don’t expect her to take off the sneaks.

  3. Done. Sneaks stay on. When can we get together?

  4. Devon said

    Sure. 3:30?

  5. Kat said

    My son is almost 3, I hope you think of the boys some too! Here’s to hoping. 🙂

  6. julie machen said

    I have a stunningly beautiful boy who is 10 who still wants mama to lay out his clothes because he’s way cooler and unique when she does. I have a super sassy 8 year old daughter who loves herself some sparkle but also realizes it’s best done with accessories as she attends waldorf school that doesn’t allow such things…..both are very string bean in nature and we have a hard time finding clothes that fit them unless they are made in europe. Lemme know. We would do it for the fun of it.


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